Service development history

The idea – 16-17 February, 2012

Like-minded individuals representing the interest of their corresponding NRENs and other organizations came together in the sunny Dubrovnik, Croatia under the umbrella of the 6th TF-Media meeting of TERENA. The presentations and discussion about metadata and object repositories first led to the idea of an educational resource repository provided by TERENA to its community. The TERENA Open Educational Resource (OER) Portal would be a metadata repository that collects the information of LOs made available by NRENs and the broader TERENA Community members and share them between institutions. The meeting participants agreed to make a case for TERENA OER pilot project and discuss it with TF-Media and TERENA.


TF-Media was chaired by Andy Zbinden (SWITCH) and gathered participants from: ARNES, NIIF, SWITCH, PSNC, CARNet, IUCC, CESNET, RedIRIS, FCCN, SUNET, UNINETT, GRNET as well as University of Vigo, University of Porto, and ISEP.


The pilot – 28 March, 2014

After the official mandate of TF-Media expired in the end of 2013, TERENA (the predecessor of GÉANT) initiated a small pilot project called “TERENA OER” upon the approval of the TERENA Technical Committee. The aim of the pilot was to deliver the first working prototype of the OER metadata aggregation engine and proof-of-concept web portal as well as describe a pilot service by the beginning of 2015. In the meantime, negotiations with the European Commission on this subject, trying to secure funds under the flag of the GN4 project, were ongoing.


The TERENA OER pilot was managed by Peter Szegedi (GÉANT) with the participants from: NIIF, GRNET, FCCN, IUCC, RENATER as well as University of Vigo, Tel Aviv University, and ISEP.


The support – 2 July, 2014

Open Education was the topic of the regular EC Liaison video conferences between GÉANT and the General Assembly representatives of NRENs on 2 July and also on 3 September, 2014. It was noted that “EC are keen for the NREN community to engage with them in the area of Open Education”. The meeting attendees agreed that GÉANT should publish a position paper about NRENs and Open Education describing the key roles and potential course of action.

The policy – 10 November, 2014

The paper titled: “GÉANT Association NRENs and Open Education – NREN Community Statement on Open Education” was published and shared with the EC representatives.

The position paper was written by Peter Szegedi and Dale Robertson (GÉANT) and supported by: ARNES, FCT, GRNET, IUCC, LITNET, NIIF, PSNC, RedIRIS, RENATER, SURFnet, SWITCH and UNINETT.


The first results – 3 February, 2015

The GÉANT Association’s Open Education Resource (OER) service development pilot has reached an important milestone. The pilot resulted in a working prototype metadata-aggregation hub and web portal that can provide aggregated multimedia e-learning content to the higher education and academic research communities. The pilot has been completed and the preliminary project results and deliverables are available online.


The OER related activities will continue in the GN4-1 (GÉANT) Project from April.


The EC funding – 1 May, 2015

The GÉANT OER service development got the green light from the GN4-1 project preparation committee and had been included in the GN4-1 project’s Ream Time Applications and Multimedia Management Activity (SA8). The main objective of the OER Task was to pick up the results of the OER Pilot and take it to the next level; launch the eduOER service by the end of the GN4-1 project.


The SA8 Activity Leader was Peter Szegedi (GÉANT) and the OER Task Leader responsible for the service developments was Ilias Hatzakis (GRNET). The task participants were: GARR, GRNET, IUCC, FCT, NIIF, PSNC, RENATER, SURFnet and University of Vigo.


The outcome – 28 February, 2016

The final deliverable of the eduOER service development under the GN4-1 SA8 activity was published: GEANT-eduOER-Business-Case-Development


The service launch – 9 March, 2016

The GÉANT eduOER service had been migrated into per-production and will be launched at the GÉANT Symposium 2016 in Vienna, Austria. GÉANT is seeking for way to secure further funding for eduOER…