eduOER Hub for content providers

Educational repositories and relevant content providers are invited to expose and share metadata (i.e the information about the content) of their open educational resources via the eduOER Hub. The eduOER Hub is the back-end engine behind the OER Web Portal. It also provides value-added services to the connected repositories in order to discover, analyze, validate and enrich their metadata.



Join eduOER in 3 simple steps


The very first step for you as the administrator of a repository or a relevant content provider – wishes to become part of the eduOER service – is to fill out and submit the short technical questionnaire about your repository below.

Filling out the questionnaire shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes for the technical administrator. The next steps can be determined based on the results and the GÉANT eduOER team will send an estimation on the time and efforts needed to make a successful connection.




Next, the eduOER metadata engineering team will contact you and ensure the smooth integration into the eduOER hub.

Should you have any question about the questionnaire or the procedure, feel free to contact the metadata engineering team. Optionally, you can join the eduOER metadata aggregation community; Mailing list and Wiki page.

E-mail us   ♦   Subscribe   ♦   Wiki



After having clarified and completed all the initial steps with our technical team, you can relax and let the eduOER metadata aggregation engine do its magic.


The eduOER Metadata Aggregation Workflow consists of several independent processing steps where metadata cleansing, transformation and curation is performed.

Here you can find the detailed instructions for the process illustrated below.


eduOER Metadata Aggregation Workflow